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Cash for Junk Cars Raleigh

Selling NC Vehicles for Cash

We will pay ice cold cash for YOUR NC vehicle!  Running or not, wrecked or not, a true junker or just more trouble than it’s worth to you –  We are licensed, qualified scrap auto buyers.  We can buy junk cars in North Carolina and provide salvage titles and certificates of destruction as needed.

We also remove abandoned cars for free! Had a car out in your parking lot for way too long?  We have got you covered.  We can offer higher prices in Triangle area than most others in the same industry because we own our own trucks and facility.

raleigh_junk_cars_for_cashYour information is safe with us and we do not disclose any information unless law enforcement or DMV is involved.  Our junk car removal service is available any time.  If you car is over 10 years old we do not have to have a title.  Please fill out the form to get a quick and easy quote!

We are open 24/7 and are ready to assist you in your removal of your vehicle.  Want to save the environment and recycle your car in one step?  We are number one when it comes to anything related to junk vehicle removals in Raleigh.

Cash for Junk Vehicles Raleigh

We provide free towing and disposal services for your car in North Carolina.  The car does not need to be running and we will come to your location and tow away your car.  Need help to get rid of your junk car today?  No problem.  We will remove it for you and pay you for it.

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Cash for Junk Cars Raleigh

Cash for Cars Raleigh

Simply fill out the form online.  A member of our staff will contact you shortly and provide you with a quote and setup a time to pick up your car.  Payment for your junk car will be made in CASH and we will tow your vehicle away. Call FreeCars4Cash today or see our homepage to learn more about car removal!