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When’s the Right Time to Sell Your Old Car?

what is a junk carWhen you buy your dream car, the last thing on your mind is that they’ll come a time when you can’t wait to replace it. You’ll want to ditch that car when it starts to become a financial burden with endless repairs and replacements. You can never really tell when your car will start showing signs of trouble.

Some cars can work perfect after reaching 100,000 miles while others will start having issues as soon as they hit 50,000 miles. It depends on how you use the car and the type/model you own. With that said, it’s important to know when enough is enough and you finally need to sell your old car. Here’s what you should be looking out for.

Does it make financial sense?

How much will you be getting when selling the car? Can you use this money to buy a new car or will it require a huge top up which you can’t afford? You can get the estimated value of your old car by doing some research online. Find out if the money you will recover is enough to help you finance a brand new car.

How much do you spend on repairs and maintenance?

You’ll need to discuss this one with your Raleigh mechanic. Let them diagnose your car and advise you on the amount of money you are likely to spend on servicing it together with issues that are bound to occur in the future. From replacing worn out tires to getting new brake pads every month and changing the coolant, an old vehicle can be a lot of work. If these repairs cost too much money, replacing the car would be a nice way to save. Get more information here.

Is the car practical?

There comes a time when a car no longer serves your needs. For instance, you may have gotten a family and felt the need to buy a car with enough room. You may also need to upgrade to the latest model in order to save more fuel or take advantage of the low insurance premiums offered. Any of these reasons are good enough to sell your old car and get a new one that serves your needs better.

When it comes to trading in or selling your car, all you have to do is follow your judgment. If your gut is telling you that replacing the car is a good idea, then just go for it.

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